December 14 UPDATE — these specials will be available only through Saturday the 17th. When I get up on the 18th, I will have to close this page. Thanks for your support!

WELCOME to the web page just for my special fans and friends. This is where you can order items from my website at a special price for a LIMITED TIME only!

    Here’s the best way to navigate:

  1. Bookmark this page (as it’s not navigable through any of the drop-down lists above;
  2. As you visit pages below, jot down the items you’re interested in;
  3. Go to the TOURS page to see what I’m offering for the 2017 Los Cabos Highights Tour;
  4. Once you’ve seen what you wanted, compare the price on this page and use the Add to Cart buttons below for YOUR special pricing!
    p.s. You don’t have to be a PayPal member — you can use your credit card and still earn points or miles!

International Shipping (limited locations) is now available on ALL books and cards!

Los Cabos Highlights Tour — regular price $1,645 per person; PRICE $1,480.00; deposit of $450.oo payable now

Fictional Mystery Novels
Missing in MEXICO — regular price $15.00; PRICE $10.00

Sydney Murders–SOLVED! — regular price $15.00; PRICE $7.50

Disappearances in the MEDITERRANEAN — regular price $15.00; PRICE $7.50

Books on Family and Relationships
Questions to Bring You Closer to Dad — regular price $9.95; PRICE $5.00

Questions to Bring You Closer to Mom — regular price $9.95; PRICE $5.00

Questions to Bring You Closer to Grandma & Grandpa — regular price $9.95; PRICE $5.00

remembering our parents . . . Stories and Sayings from Mom & Dad — regular price $9.95; PRICE $5.00

Note Cards – 8-card packs for sending notes to Mom or Dad (or both) — regular price $5.00 per pack or $20 for all 6 packs

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Miscellaneous Books
Parables for Life in the 21st Century — regular price $9.95; PRICE $7.50

Mastering “The Art of Retirement” — regular price $14.95; PRICE $7.50

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