Where do YOU want to go with America’s International Travel Expert®?

I am currently conducting two types of tours:
> “Classic” Tours with pre-set itineraries
> “Custom” Tours with flexible itineraries set by the travelers

Classic Tours
1. April 29 – May 5, 2018 — Los Cabos Food & Beverage; price $1,860 per person; CLICK HERE for details
2. June 17-23, 2018 — Los Cabos Highlights; price $1,655 per person; CLICK HERE for details
3. July 12-21 2018 — Copenhagen and Norway; $3,120 per person; CLICK HERE for details

My Philosophy on Tours:
1. Small groups (6-12 guests maximum) are much better than large groups
+++ People get to know one another, and I get to know YOU!
+++ We’re able to stay in more quaint hotels in interesting locations
+++ The guide doesn’t have to yell to be heard by everyone
+++ We can visit places that can’t accommodate large crowds
2. SINGLE travelers are always welcomed!
+++ They shouldn’t have to pay double like on cruise ships
+++ Any extra should just be the difference of not sharing the room cost with another traveler
3. Knowing how to use ground transportation enables travel freedom and flexibility
4. Using some of the local language and money gets you “in touch” with the area

Custom Tours — You tell me where you want to go, for how long, how many of you, etc. Just fill out the form below, click the SEND TO STUART button, and I will send you a proposal for a trip customized just for you!

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