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The second book I ever wrote was a small book that I titled 50 Questions I wish I’d asked my Dad (no longer available). The story behind the book is that my dad and grandfather were killed by a drunken driver when I was only 16, and it was some forty years later that it hit me that there were so many questions I was never able to ask him. I assembled these questions, and a few from friends around the country, into a book that I took to a major publishing conference in New York City. [Eerie: the first time I saw the printed book was in New York and it was on the day that would have been Dad’s 90th birthday!] While at the conference, I met a well-published author named Robyn Freedman Spizman from Atlanta, Georgia. She and her publisher liked the concept of the book, we shook hands, and we ended up with a 3-book contract with Adams Media — those books are the Questions to Bring You Closer series below, each with 100+ conversation starters to help you preserve the legacy of family.
Shortly after Mom passed away at age 94, I followed up those books with a heartwarming collection of over five dozen stories and sayings from people all over — stories and sayings about their Mom & Dad.

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BookCover-ROP-300dpiremembering our parents . . . Stories and Sayings from Mom & Dad List Price $9.95 — This gift book is a nice collection of over five dozen heart-warming stories from “people next door” to celebrities, war heroes, Olympic athletes, etc. One of my favorite stories is the two-page hand-written letter that I received from former Major League Baseball player Rubén Amaro, Sr. The following postscript was included with his story, an indication of what family and legacy mean to him. “Thank you for the privilege to once again remember Santos & Josefina” (his parents). Family legacy is so very important — one day you just might ask yourself, What will be my legacy?


Questions-Dad-coverQuestions to Bring You Closer to Dad List Price $9.95 — What would you want to know about your dad? This book helps you as it defines “Types of Dad and their Characteristics.” Why is that important? Because knowing what “type of Dad” he is guides you to appropriate ways to start conversations, ask questions, etc. What if your dad is no longer alive? The book shows you how you can still find out about him. With over 120 questions, this book is a great way to strengthen the bond whether it’s the child asking the questions or the dad filling them in for his children.


Questions to MOMcoverQuestions to Bring You Closer to Mom List Price $9.95 — Similar to the “Dad book” in that types of Mom are listed and defined, I used this book as a way of starting conversations with my mom when she was in her 90s. If you’re not sure how to begin that conversation, use the book as an excuse to get started. Just say, Hey, Mom. I got this book and I’d like to ask you a question from it; would that be okay? It will be more than okay — she will soon be asking you, When are we going to get around to answering more of those questions from that book? Believe me, it works!


GrandmaGrandpa-coverQuestions to Bring You Closer to Grandma & Grandpa List Price $9.95 — Learning about the grandparents is decidedly different than Mom or Dad because of the generation that’s between grandparents and grandchildren — namely the parents! Using a different approach you’ll find the experience just as rewarding, if not more so! One thing that’s clear is that not all grandparents are the same, and you’ll find that out right away once you start with this book. Grandparents: If you want to open the pathways for conversations with your grandchildren, get a copy of this book and give it to them after you’ve written inside, “This is your license to ask us anything!”


NoteCards-Daughter2Dad8-card packs of Notes to send to Mom or Dad (or both)

    • There are 6 different packs, each with 8 different note cards, for a total of

48 different

    • cards!


    Each pack is $5.00, or $20.00 for all six.

  • Son to Mom — 8 Note Cards and Envelopes for Son to send to Mom.
  • Son to Dad — 8 Note Cards and Envelopes for Son to send to Dad.
  • Son to Mom & Dad — 4 Note Cards and Envelopes for Son to send to Mom and 4 Note Cards and Envelopes for Son to send to Dad.
  • Daughter to Mom — 8 Note Cards and Envelopes for Daughter to send to Mom.
  • Daughter to Dad— 8 Note Cards and Envelopes for Daughter to send to Dad.
  • Daughter to Mom & Dad — 4 Note Cards and Envelopes for Daughter to send to Mom and 4 Note Cards and Envelopes for Daughter to send to Dad.

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