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Of course I do love to travel — that’s one of the reasons I’ve had the U.S. Registered Trademark America’s International Travel Expert® since October 2010.

In addition to my own travels, I also like to conduct small-group Tours. Unfortunately, the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic has put them on hold for now. If you’re interested in a private tour, Click to send me an email to get on the list for when we’re able to get on the road again.

CLICK HERE for some of my Travel Photos.

    While traveling isn’t only about “the numbers,” here are some of mine

  • Countries visited: 56
  • Cruise ports: 160+
  • Cruise lines I’ve been on: 12; speaker on: 8
  • Airlines I’ve flown on: 23
  • Lifetime paid flight miles on United Airlines: 1,460,397 with lifetime “Million Miler” status
  • Some favorite places: Los Cabos, Mexico; Paris, France; Sydney, Australia; New York City, USA; Valletta, Malta; Stockholm, Sweden; Nagasaki, Japan

Having visited 56 countries and 160 different cruise ports, I’ve been on many great voyages as a Cruise Ship Speaker. Curious about the places I’ve been to and the ships I’ve been on? CLICK HERE for the details.

I personally use visahq for my visa and passport applications. CLICK HERE to to access their fast, convenient, and cost-effect solutions for international travels.
p.s. Did you know that you can now apply for a multiple-entry 10-year visa for China? I got mine!!!

Listen to my podcast about Cabo and Baja California Sur with Chris Christensen and The Amateur Traveler: just hit the green PLAY arrow
Amateur Traveler Episode 560 – Travel to Baja Sur and the Sea of Cortez in Mexico

Some of my Travel Photos
Camels taking a break
Al-Khasneh, "The Treasury"
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