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Stuart GustafsonStuartGustafson-casual-croppedStuartGustafson-professional-square-300dpi
Author, Traveler, Influencer
America’s International Travel Expert®

lives in Boise, Idaho, USA
will travel anywhere

    Seasoned traveler with U.S. Registered Trademark America’s International Travel Expert®

  • Visited 55 countries, numerous trips to over a dozen of them
  • Always attempt to speak some of the local language; it creates trust
  • Top contributor on TripAdvisor with widely read reviews

    Author of 14 published books plus many travel-related articles

  • Fictional mystery novels set in exciting locations around the world
  • Non-fiction books focused on legacy and family relationships
  • Over one hundred radio, television, print media, e-print media interviews worldwide
  • CLICK HERE for links to some of the articles I’ve written for other sites

    Popular speaker on cruise ships

  • Have been to 155 different cruise ports
  • Spoken on six lines, ten ships (some several times), seventeen itineraries
  • Regular passenger on seven other cruises

Value Propositions (What I can do for you)

    Create/Update Materials

  • Write articles, social media postings, brochure descriptions that speak to your target customer
  • Develop and write books and other print and e-print publications that generate revenue and create brand loyalty

    Provide Endorsements

  • My U.S. Registered Trademark America’s International Travel Expert® draws attention and audience
  • Customers aren’t swayed by T.V. actor endorsements anymore; they want real people
  • Would this help you? ” . . . preferred by America’s International Travel Expert®.”

    Participate in Events

  • Attend trade shows, conventions, corporate events as a headliner, panel participant, or Q&A session
  • Provide book give-aways as part of gathering email information, etc.
  • Promote your booth by advertising “Special Guest, Stuart Gustafson, America’s International Travel Expert®

    Write Compelling Reviews, Articles, Product Promotions

  • Potential customers conduct online research and base decisions on reviews (a TripAdvisor review I wrote about a beach resort in Mexico had 3,346 readers in just one week!)
  • Create templates to make it easier for customers to write top-rated reviews that drive business
  • Create customer-focused articles and product promotions that focus on the benefits to the consumer
  • Augment written creations with photographs that speak to the senses

    Flexible on Compensation Arrangements

  • Monthly retainer (ensures availability; eliminates minor billings)
  • One-time project
  • Per-piece (series of articles, brochure updates, etc.)

Contact Stuart via email ( to discuss how he can help you.

Click Here to view Stuart’s one-page Media Kit (PDF file)

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