Cruise Presentations

Some of the Many Presentations that have Delighted Cruise Passengers

As a veteran of over 160 different cruise ports and with my U.S. Registered Trademark America’s International Travel Expert®, it’s been my pleasure to inform and entertain thousands and thousands of passengers on cruise ships from 80 passengers to 3,000 passengers. Below are titles of many of the presentations I’ve given and are available today to be delivered in person or in a virtual broadcast. Please note the following designations, many of which may overlap: (C) Cultural; (D) Destination, (G) General, (P) Port-specific.

Great Lakes Region
Canals—The Erie and a Few Others (D)
Chicago’s Prohibition Era (D)
Frank Lloyd Wright—Building Dreams (C), (D)
Guiding Lights—Lighthouses of the Great Lakes (D)
Great Lakes Shipwrecks—Lost, But Not Forgotten (D)
Island Living—Mackinac Style! (C), (D)
Weather Patterns and Geological Features of the Great Lakes (D)
West Point—Duty, Honor, Country (C), (D)

Dutch Harbor—World War II and Fishing
Kodiak—It’s Not Just Bears

Australia—More than a Bridge (C), (D)
Easter Island—More Than Heads (C), (D)
Icons of Sydney (C), (D)
International Date Line—or How Do We Really Lose a Day? (D)
French Polynesia—Tahiti and Bora Bora (C), (D)
Life on Small Islands in the South Pacific (C), (D)
New Zealand—North and South (C), (D)
Pitcairn Island—Small but Beautiful (C), (D)
Thor Heyerdahl and Kon-Tiki (C), (D)

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Baltic & Scandinavia
Baltic Beauty (C), (D)
Copenhagen—More Than a Mermaid (C), (D)
Music and Culture of Finland (C), (D)
Norway and the Sea (C), (D)
Norway—More Than Just Fjörds (D)
Opulent Saint Petersburg (C), (D)
Port of Ålesund, Norway (D), (P)
Port of Bergen, Norway (D), (P)
Port of Flåm, Norway (D), (P)
Port of Geiranger, Norway (D), (P)
Port of Kristiansand, Norway (D), (P)
Port of Oslo, Norway (D), (P)
Port of Stavanger, Norway (D), (P)
Thor Heyerdahl and Kon-Tiki (C), (D)
Vikings—Facts and Fiction (c), (D)

Mainland and Mediterranean
Ephesus—One of the Original 7 Wonders (C), (D) [technically in Asia]
Italy’s Gifts to the World (C), (D)
Life Along the Adriatic (C), (D)
Lisbon—An Old City (C), (D)
Mighty Malta (C), (D)
Normandy and D-Day (C), (D)
Port of Le Havre, France (D), (P)
Rome and the Tiber River (C), (D)
Vigo, Spain, and the Sea (C), (D)
Volcanoes—What Happens Next? (D)

British Isles
Port of Belfast, Northern Ireland (D), (P)
Port of Cobh, Ireland (D), (P)
Port of Dublin, Ireland (D), (P)
Port of Greenock (Glasgow), Scotland (D), (P)
Port of Inverness, Scotland (D), (P)
Port of Liverpool, England (D), (P)
Port of St. Peter Port in Guernsey (D), (P)

Aomori, Japan (C), (D)
Bangkok—Highlights and Temples (C), (D)
Hakodate, Japan (C), (D)
Ho Chi Minh City (C), (D)
Hong Kong—Asia’s World City (C), (D)
Kushiro, Japan (C), (D)
Malaysian Splendors (C), (D)
Petropavlosk, Russia (C), (D)
Port of Busan (for Seoul), South Korea (D), (P)
Port of Chan May, Vietnam (C), (D), (P)
Port of Ha Long Bay (and for Ha Noi), Vietnam (C), (D), (P)
Port of Hong Kong, China (D), (P)
Port of Jeju Island, South Korea (D), (P)
Port of Keelung (for Taipei) Taiwan (C), (D), (P)
Port of LaemChabang (for Bangkok and Pattaya), Thailand (C), (D), (P)
Port of Nagasaki, Japan (C), (D), (P)
Port of Okinawa, Japan (C), (D), (P)
Port of Otaru, Japan (D), (P)
Port of Phu My (for Ho Chi Minh City) (C), (D), (P)
Port of Shanghai, China (C), (D), (P)
Ports of Shimizu (for Mt. Fuji) and Kobe, Japan (D), (P)
Port of Tianjin (for Beijing), China (C), (D), (P)
Shanghai—The Old and The New (C), (D)
Singapore—Lots to See and Do (C), (D)

Bermuda Triangle—Fact or Fiction? (C), (D)
Caribbean Sets of Islands (C), (D)
Countries—Why are They Named that Way? (C), (D)
International Date Line—or How Do We Really Lose a Day? (D)
Seven Wonders of the World—Ancient and New (C)
World Money (C)

Music of the Masters
Overview of the series
Johann Sebastian Bach
George Frideric Handel
(Franz) Joseph Haydn
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Ludwig van Beethoven
(These are 30% talk, 70% music. Also available are relevant music videos for pre-talk or other enjoyment.
They also go well with on-board musicians; here are two such YouTube videos — you might have to move the play cursor to the beginning
: ; )

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