Miscellaneous Books

Some books don’t fit neatly into well-defined categories. I guess they could if you had thousands and thousands of books. I don’t have that many so I’ve decided to put some books into this catch-all category.

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Parables for Life in the 21st Century List Price $9.95 — This is the very first book I published, and it was in 2005. When people ask me about the process of writing your first book, I’m really hesitant to tell them that it took me twenty years. Yes, twenty. I was collecting story ideas, story morals, and some business applications I wanted to use. It took a while for them to all come together into this format. Fortunately, the next books didn’t take that long! The book contains twenty-four parables, each with a story, its moral, and then applications for use in today’s life in the twenty-first century.

I Want a New House! — I helped my friend and excellent house remodeling contractor Joe Prin write this book. For anyone thinking about buying or building a new house, even if someone’s lived in it before, you MUST read this book. Joe has seen all sides of the process, even spending years remodeling his own home, and so he’s telling it to you straight. If you want fluff and fuzzy feelings, read a different book; if you want to know how it REALLY is, this is the book for you!

Mastering “The Art of Retirement” List Price $14.95 — I was offered early retirement from my high-technology career at age 59; I’d planned to work for a few more years, but because I’d mastered the skills I wrote down into this book (on a sunny beach in Mexico), I was able to accept the offer. You can also master these skills, but you first must know what they are. So skip having that high-priced coffee for a few days and invest in your future, your retirement!

The Wiz within US – Teaching Core Values for Lifetime Skills — Published primarily in Trinidad & Tobago, and expanding into other Caribbean countries, this series of books is aimed at elementary school children. The book uses a bit of the format and some stories from Parables for Life in the 21st Century, and then it adds a summary of the story’s Main Points, Discussion Topics, Writing Topics, and Ways to Reinforce the Lesson at Home. Whether used in a school district or in just one home, these books reinforce the meaning and value of such life basics as Friendship, Kindness, Thoroughness, Equality, Fairness, Responsibility, etc.

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