Reading Order

Below is a suggested reading order for my travel-based fictional mystery novels and novellas.

Full-length Novels
+ Missing in MEXICO
>>> Debut mystery novel; a stand-alone story
>>> Amazon #1 Best Selling and #1 Top Ranked book—at the same time, TWICE!
>>> Set in Los Cabos, Mexico at the tip of the Baja California Peninsula
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+ Mathematics Professor Alfred Dunningham, PhD series
+ The Math Professor
>>> Free short story introducing Math Profess Alfred Dunningham, PhD
>>> Find out about his fondness for a particular type of red wine
>>> Click Here for Book Description and the Free PDF file

+ Murders in SYDNEY
>>> Book #1 in the series
>>> Math Professor Dunningham helps the police solve the mystery behind three dead men with similar tattoos
>>> Set in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
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+ Disappearances in the MEDITERRANEAN
>>> Book #2 in the series
>>> Set on a cruise ship on a 15-day journey in the Mediterranean Sea
>>> One person doesn’t return each day the ship is in port
>>> The Professor and his wife are in Paris, France, when he receives an urgent call from the CEO of the cruise line company
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+ Art Thefts in PARIS
>>> Book #3 in the series
>>> Set in Paris, France
>>> A series of break-ins and art thefts occurred on the same night there was a city-wide museum workers’ strike. Coincidence?
>>> The Math Professor is once again brought in by Interpol to solve the meaning behind the Greek letters on the returned art
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Novellas, aka, “1½- to 2-hour reads”
+ Capital City Murders series (with Troy Lambert)
> Series has its own website
> Nick O’Flannigan is on assignment from a magazine to visit and photograph particular items in each U.S. state capital in one year
> He was hired because of his attention to detail. As he enters each capital city, he learns of a recent murder (or murders).
> Something in photographs or videos catches his eye, and he gets involved in helping to solve the case.
> Will his involvement impact his assignment or his relationships?
> E-books (for ALL e-readers) are released one a month, on the second Wednesday of the month
> Yes, that’s 50 books set in 50 states released in 50 months!
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Capital City Murders

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