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There are three murders in high profile locations around Sydney, Australia, in one week, and each murder victim has a similar tattoo on his arm. There’s no evidence of struggle; the news is front-page headlines, and the Police Commissioner is desperate to make an arrest.

The Police have not made any headway, and so they call and plead with Mathematics Professor Dunningham to come to Sydney to help them. Besides teaching mathematics, he gives seminars worldwide on “Detective Work made Easier Through Mathematics.”

Professor Dunningham reluctantly gets on a same-day flight to Sydney where he helps the Police make sense of the pieces of the puzzle; they find their suspect and arrest the man. Newspaper headlines announce the arrest.

But then another body is found, and it fits the same pattern as the previous murders.Do they have the actual perpetrator?

The professor knows, and it’s quite a shocking revelation when he names the real killer.

“Captivating book keeps you guessing until the last page!”The Idaho Statesman April 6, 2014

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