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Of course I do love to travel — that’s one of the reasons I’ve had the U.S. Registered Trademark America’s International Travel Expert® since October 2010.

In addition to my own travels, I also like to conduct small-group Tours—click the link for more information.

CLICK HERE for some of my Travel Photos.

    While traveling isn’t only about “the numbers,” here are some of mine

  • Countries visited: 56
  • Cruise ports: 160+
  • Cruise lines I’ve been on: 12; speaker on: 8
  • Airlines I’ve flown on: 23
  • Lifetime paid flight miles on United Airlines: 1,460,397 with lifetime “Million Miler” status
  • Some favorite places: Los Cabos, Mexico; Paris, France; Sydney, Australia; New York City, USA; Valletta, Malta; Stockholm, Sweden; Nagasaki, Japan

Having visited 56 countries and 160 different cruise ports, I’ve been on many great voyages as a Cruise Ship Speaker. Curious about the places I’ve been to and the ships I’ve been on? CLICK HERE for the details.

I personally use visahq for my visa and passport applications. CLICK HERE to to access their fast, convenient, and cost-effect solutions for international travels.
p.s. Did you know that you can now apply for a multiple-entry 10-year visa for China? I got mine!!!

Listen to my podcast about Cabo and Baja California Sur with Chris Christensen and The Amateur Traveler: just hit the green PLAY arrow
Amateur Traveler Episode 560 – Travel to Baja Sur and the Sea of Cortez in Mexico

Some of my Travel Photos
Camels taking a break
Al-Khasneh, "The Treasury"
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