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Below are links to some of the articles I’ve written for sites other than my own. I’ve been featured in over a hundred articles around the world, and also I’ve appeared in over one hundred radio, television, and podcast interviews.

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SeriouslyTravel.comThree Delectable Restaurants in San José del Cabo
elliott.orgHow do you say “Oktoberfest” in Japanese?
elliott.orgBookstores are dying and it’s your fault
elliott.orgShould I bargain for a better deal when I’m traveling?
elliott.orgYes, loyalty programs are rigged–but what are you going to do about it?
elliott.orgShould I travel to Cuba?
elliott.orgDoes “free” travel cost too much?
JetSetExtra.comVersailles: A Worth Day Trip from Paris
elliott.comHey travelers, do you have the right to tell someone to dress up?
elliott.orgShould I visit Mexico? Dos and Don’ts of Visiting France for the First Time
elliott.orgAvoid early and late check-out fees — here’s how
JetSetExtra.comLiving Like a Parisian Local
ExpertBeacon.comCareful planning will make your first trip to Italy exhilarating
JetSetExtra.comLa Rambla: One Street That Deserves a Whole Day
JetSetExtra.comSeven Gems to Enhance Your Los Cabos Stay
ExpertBeacon.comYour first trip to France will be a joy with proper planning

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