Why I Like to “Travel Light”

You have probably read in other online posts or newsletters some of the benefits of traveling “light.” My wife and I had an experience yesterday that reinforced that concept—a very pleasurable experience.

Some “travel light” proponents use fear of losing your luggage as a key motivating factor. With my 1.5 Million PAID flight miles on a single airline (and not counting 21 other airlines plus ALL the award travel I’ve taken), I think my luggage has been delayed ONCE! Just once. So that fear factor is NOT a motivator for me. What motivates me is convenience and flexibility. Oh, and I don’t use a carry-on just to save on baggage fees. With my status, I never pay those pesky fees.

When I have my carry-on bag with me (typically a 21″ or 22″ bag), I know that when the plane lands, I just grab my bag and go. It doesn’t matter whether I’m connecting to another flight or am at my destination. I have my bag, and I’m ready to go! Also in case I need a sweater or jacket, I can just take the bag down from the bin and retrieve it easily. No worrying about carrying “extra items” on just in case.

But the flexibility part of using only a carry-on is what I’ve really enjoyed over the years. Here’s what happened yesterday. We were flying home (Boise, Idaho) from San Diego, connecting through San Francisco. Our schedule had us with a 2+ hour layover in SFO because an earlier connection was too tight for it to be a valid booking. But we landed early, grabbed our carry-on bags and walked briskly to the gate for the earlier flight to Boise. Everyone was already on the plane as I approached the desk, handed the agent our boarding passes, and asked if we could get on that flight.

Here is the crucial part; this is the BIG WHY for carry-on.
“Do you have any checked luggage?” she asked.
“No,” I replied. Just carry-on.”

She gave us great seats (plane was about two-thirds empty), and we got home before our original flight was to take off.

BOTTOM LINE: I hope you can tell that I am sold on carry-on luggage. Yes, it doesn’t work for EVERY trip, but I’ve done it even when I’m going to speak on cruises for 30 days, and I need dress shirts, dress shoes, slacks, coat and tie, etc. IT CAN BE DONE!

I hope you’ll give it a try.

Questions? Drop me a line.

Happy Travels!

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