StuartGustafson-professional-521px-521pxStuart Gustafson is an author, influencer, and speaker who enjoys traveling and incorporating exciting places into his writing. He’s published over a dozen books, including several mystery novels with locations such as Los Cabos (Mexico), Sydney (Australia), the Mediterranean Sea, and he’s currently completing one that’s set in Paris (France). He’s also written the screenplays for his first three novels as well as for several shorts; contact Stuart if you’re interested in knowing more about his screenplays. Get his free short story, The Math Professor, that introduces you to math professor Alfred Dunningham, PhD, the central character in his current series of travel mystery novels.

CinqueTerra-2FishingBoatsStuart’s done so much traveling, and he has quite a knowledge bank, that he’s had the U.S. Registered Trademark America’s International Travel Expert® since 2010. He’s written numerous travel articles; he’s a top reviewer on TripAdvisor, and he’s been invited to speak on cruise ships from Aruba to Aomori, from Belfast to Brunei, from Malaysia to Malta, from Stockholm to Sydney, and more! With his strong business background (including an MBA plus teaching graduate business courses), you should chat with Stuart to see what he’d suggest for your travel-related business or organization; there’s no obligation!

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On a personal level, Stuart and Darlene live in Boise, Idaho; they’ve been married forty-three years, and they have one daughter, one son, and one rescue dog.

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Cabo — one of Stuart’s favorite places to visit

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