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Stuart Gustafson is an author whose books have been read around the world. Proficient in both non-fiction and fiction, his travel-based mystery novels (while fictional in nature) are set in exciting places where he’s done considerable research to ensure the local descriptions are accurate and colorful. Check out his Books page, grab something to read, then come along for the journey — you’re bound to like it!

Now Available: Disappearances in the Mediterranean


The Mediterranean Sea
Ship: Royal Holiday
Cruise Line: Holiday Cruise Line, PLC.
Capacity: 1200 passengers

One passenger on a cruise in the Mediterranean Sea is disappearing after each day in port
There seems to be connection between the four of them
Cruise line security is beefed up, and Interpol is brought on board to investigate
Nothing unusual is found, although one investigator thinks he’s found a mathematical connection
Professor Alfred Dunningham, in Paris at a math symposium, is toasted for his work in solving the Famous Sites Murders in Sydney, Australia
His phone rings, and on a conference call with Interpol, the ship’s captain, and the cruise line CEO, they plead with him to join the ship and help them solve the mystery
He and his wife fly to meet and board ship, and given a suite on the 10th deck
There is some similarity to the Sydney case, but the Professor dismisses that notion
“Too obvious; would look like copy cat,” he says

Who is Stuart Gustafson?

America’s International Travel Expert®, world traveler, frequent cruiser, Million-Mile flier, writer who likes to help others enjoy travel.

Follow along on his travels, plus read other interesting books and travel information on his Travel Blog.


Author of 12 books, many available here. Debut mystery novel Missing in Mexico has been #1 Best Selling and #1 Top Ranked on Amazon, at the same time—twice!
Sydney Murders—SOLVED! is out now, and Disappearances in the Mediterranean is available for pre-orders.


He’s spoken to small groups, and to SRO audiences of 950+, typically with a focus on travel. Given that there are many aspects of travel, let him work with you to find the right topic that engages with your audience and within your budget! CLICK HERE for more Speaker information.

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