Here are photos from Eilat, israel, which is on the coast in the Gulf of Aqaba. This port city is an immediate neighbor with Aqaba, Jordan, and there is a clearly marked border between the two countries.

Stuart Gustafson personally took each photograph displayed, and the copyrighted images are owned by him. If you click on a thumbnail image, you will see a larger and more complete picture that opens in a separate window.

General Photos

Desert Dragon Lizard

Border Fences

Don’t Get Close

Barren Sculpture


Shaped by Wind

Hai-Bar-Yotvata — a natural park

Park Entrance

Lonesome one

Winding Horns

I see you!


Me too!

Nice shade

It’s a unicorn!

Not many of us


Our turn to talk

Time to stroll

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Kibbutz — our local guide was born there and has lived there her entire life.

Entering Kibbutz

“Home-grown” guide

Primary business

Happy cow

Primary school


Timna Park — an amazing geological area with copper mines and rock formations

Left Turn!

Rock Drawings

Some Drawings

Solomon’s Pillars


Mushroom Sign

Sign Closer

Closer still

Park sign


And another

Off to Copper


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