Here are photos from a few days in Copan, Honduras—site of Mayan ruins

Stuart Gustafson personally took each photograph displayed, and the copyrighted images are owned by him. If you click on a thumbnail image, you will see a larger and more complete picture that opens in a separate window.

Tour Starting Point

Mayan Story

Our Awesome Guide

Central America

Our Focus

Narrowing the focus

Copan Overview

Layout of Ruins

Colorful Native

Great Plaza plaque

The Great Plaza

Small Pyramid

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Stela plaque

Forest of Kings stela

Side view

Another stela

Enclosed stela

Ball Field sign

Ball Field

Stairway plaque

Stairway view 1

Another view

Depiction of Stairway

Skull carving

Drawing depiction

View from pyramid

Natural growth

Museum brochure

Colored carvings

Tombstone disc


Colorful details

Water bird

Information on bird

Police Station

Local transportation


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