Starting All Over

I know it seems strange that a person who has traveled as much as I have doesn’t have dozens and dozens, if not hundreds, of blog posts. Well, I used to.

[the short version] I was speaking on several cruises this past fall when my website came under attack from outside the U.S. I have no idea why, but it was severely impacted, taken down, and I had to start all over. And I mean ALL OVER.

I had to re-build the site starting with a blank canvas, which in itself isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But it did mean that I lost lots and lots of content. So, here I start all over again with writing posts about travels. With my new website in place, I’ve enhanced its security, and I feel more confident that I won’t have the same issues.

My plans for 2016 don’t include as much travel as I’ve done in the past two years (you can see those numbers on my TRAVEL page). With that in mind, I will post some information about previous travels as well as information that I hope helps you as you make decisions regarding travel. If you have any specific questions about travel, use the form on the CONTACT page to send those questions to me.

It’s great to be back; Au Revoir for now!