Reviewing Restaurants in Los Cabos

It’s almost time for us to head down to Los Cabos at the tip of the Baja California peninsula, a place we’ve been going each year since 2003. While we always enjoy some great food while down there, this year’s trip is going to be extra special as I will be reviewing a dozen restaurants for various articles. Some of the restaurants are fancy; some are in amazing settings; some might even be called “simple and plain.” But the main thing that I’m counting on for all of them is that they offer up TASTY food.

Cabo Setting Sun

There are three big-time bloggers who have said they would publish an article of mine—especially when I told them of the food I’d be trying—from Los Cabos, and I’m really excited to be connected with them:

They’re all quite active so it will be a month or two until my articles appears on their sites, but you should still go check them out, that’s if you like travel. 🙂

Here are the current restaurants that I’ll be reviewing for my site, for theirs, and for the articles. There are a few more that I will be going to (unannounced), and I expect them to also be delicious. In order of scheduled meals, I’ll be visiting:

  • Don Sanchez Restaurant in San José del Cabo—right now I’m thinking about their Baby Blue and Beet Salad; Beef Tartar; Wagyu Skirt Steak.
  • Cabo Wabo Cantina in Cabo San Lucas, the hangout of Van Halen’s Sammy Hagar—this visit is all about the Lobster Tacos.
  • El Merkado’s CarbónCabrón on the Corridor as you near San José del Cabo—I’ve never had this, but it sounds good: “grilled cucumber with a sauce made of tortilla and ash with a jam and yogurt.”
  • Sunset Monalisa Restaurant set above the rocks and the surf overlooking the Sea of Cortez and the tip of the Baja peninsula—how about Seafood Lemongrass; Gorgonzola Salad; Braised Octopus with Porcini Mushrooms?
  • Sancho’s Sports Bar on the Marina in Cabo San Lucas—I’m drawn here because I’ve heard so much about their Pink Tacos!
  • Bajo La Luna Restaurant right in the middle of Cabo San Lucas (across the street from Cabo Wabo)—Nikkei Ceviche, Bajo La Luna Salad, either Seared Ahi Tuna or Carne Asada (I hope it’s as good as my late brother used to make).

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  • Javier’s Restaurant at Diamond Resorts International’s Cabo Azul Resort in San José del Cabo—Queso Fundido; Javier’s Ensalada; Carne y Camarones.
  • Nicksan Gourmet Japanese Restaurant in the heart of Cabo San Lucas—Chef Ángel Carbajal makes so many amazing creations, it’s going to be an explosive delight!
  • La Lupita Taco y Mezcal in the Art District of San José del Cabo—Tacos and Mezcal, what else is there to say, except that we’ll be there on Valentine’s Day!
  • El Squid Roe right in the middle of the action spots in Cabo San Lucas—Chef Manny is waiting for us, so I know he’ll prepare something A-mazing!

I plan to be doing some live Facebook feeds from each restaurant, so if you’re not yet connected with me on FB, CLICK HERE to get there, and hit LIKE.

All the restaurant action begins on Sunday, February 4th at a restaurant that is not showing the Super Bowl (thank you, Chef Tadd; we can dine in relative silence!).

Happy Travels!

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