El Squid Roe is More than a Dancing Scene!

It’s no secret that El Squid Roe has been the top nightlife scene in Cabo San Lucas for years and years. Now that that’s established, we can move on to the food. . . . I arrived at 8 PM, and Chef Manny was all set to prepare a most excellent meal for me. It started with my waiter Luis making a great tomato salsa right at the table. You need to watch my YouTube video to see how much effort goes into making this great salsa.

Shrimp was great!

After the portable gas two-burner stove was wheeled over, Chef Manny started to marinate 5 huge shrimp in some Chardonnay and a couple spices. As he heated the pan with oil and butter I knew I was in for a treat. The final result was a plate of gorgeous shrimp (watch the YouTube video as he works his magic) served with sides of vegetables and a potato salad. While I was enjoying his creation, he came by to remind me to save a little room for dessert.

The portable stove came back as a two-inch thick pineapple slice was rolled in cinnamon and sugar. A heated pan with butter and Grand Marnier was used to sautée the pineapple to just the right consistency. The strawberries on top with ice cream and whip cream made the tasty treat even more tempting. If you can take one more video here is Chef Manny preparing my dessert.

All in all, the service was excellent and the food was more than one could expect from a place known more for the dancing and the bar scene. This all goes to prove that when you have an amazing chef like Manny, be prepared for an amazing meal.

p.s. I’ve also posted a YouTube video of the bartenders dancing on the bar!

Happy Travels!

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