But is it REALLY Safe to Travel?

I know that I’m not the only who is receiving offers every day to “Book Now & Travel Later.” Many of the offers include perks that hadn’t been given previously, but then “today” is not “yesterday.” Whether it’s Free Insurance; Free Drinks; Free Cancellation for any Reason; Free Upgrades; Free Airfare—they all sound good, but.

There’s always a “but” to these offers. In most of these cases, the “but” isn’t from the offering company or the offer itself. It’s do YOU think it’s really safe to travel?

As “America’s International Travel Expert®,” I love to travel, but I’ve had to cancel five trips from this year alone. And I’m not planning any more for 2020, and none yet for 2021. Not traveling is a strange feeling for me.

Some countries seem to have dampened the impact of the Covid-19 virus, while others are still seeing spikes in cases, hospitalizations, intubations, and even deaths. Whether it’s an airline, a cruise line, or a tour company, each one is going to great lengths to tell us what they are doing to maintain a clean environment, a euphemism for “safe place to travel.” They’re conducting regular cleaning routines; they’re providing sanitizing wipes and disinfectants; they’re practicing social distancing.

Those activities are all good, but (there’s that word again) those aren’t enough. Even if the airplane is 100% spotless, how do I know that the person or persons close to me are healthy and not carrying the virus. When I get to my destination, is there any assurance that everyone I encounter from staff to guests are all 100% healthy and also practicing all the proper safety actions? Of course not.

All this and there is no vaccine yet. Oh yes, and experts are even saying that a “perfect” vaccine won’t be enough protection because the virus mutates.

So while the airlines, the cruise lines, and the travel companies continue to send me the enticing offers, I am staying home until I see enough evidence that it is reasonably safe for me to travel. You will make your own reasoned decisions, but whatever you do, I hope you stay safe and stay healthy.

Happy Travels!

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