Here are photos from Ravenna, Italy, which is best known for the amazing mosaics that have been well-preserved. It is also the [disputed] burial place of Dante Alighieri, the Divine Comedy author/poet. Although Ravenna itself isn’t on the coast, it is reachable via motor coach as well as the Candiano Canal.

If you want a book on the Mosaics and Monuments of Ravenna, I recommend this book on Amazon.

Note: SAN is short for Saint Apollinare Nuovo

Stuart Gustafson personally took each photograph displayed, and the copyrighted images are owned by him. If you click on a thumbnail image, you will see a larger and more complete picture that opens in a separate window.

Entering Port

Basilica SAN Bell Tower

National Museum

Basilica SAN

Basilica San Vitale

Basilica San Vitale

Via Dante Alighieri

Dante’s Sepulcher

Over the Door

Dante’s Tomb

Teatro Alighieri


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More Mosaics

Ceiling Mosaics

Domed Mosaics

Basilica San Vitale

Like-like Mosaics

So Detailed!


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