Here are photos from a week-long visit (a church mission trip) to Subirana, Honduras

Stuart Gustafson personally took each photograph displayed, and the copyrighted images are owned by him. If you click on a thumbnail image, you will see a larger and more complete picture that opens in a separate window.

Subirana and the Area

Loading All Our Bags

Along the Way

Road Traffic

Welcome to Subirana

Local Flowers

Flowers and ?

Mowing the Grass

Not Always Blue Skies

Momma and Chicks

Evening Guest

My Grass is Better!

Selling Local Wares

Hola, amigo!

Whatever You Want!

Neighborhood Park

Strollin’ the Road

On Our Way Home

The River Forks

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Painting and Preaching

Let’s Get Painting

Making Good Progress


Yea, I’m safe

No; OSHA’s not here

Higher? Really?

What Do You Think?

I Can Reach It

Paint It ALL?

Break Time, Right?

To The Church

It Will Look This Good

Great Group of Kids

The Pastor’s Daughter

Bible Study Time

They’re Both Adorable

Today’s Lesson Is …

It Was a Good Week!


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