French Polynesia-Tahiti

Here are photos from the beautiful island of Tahiti. There is so much more to see on Tahiti than just the exquisite beaches; they are nice, of course. Have a nice stay!

Stuart Gustafson personally took each photograph displayed, and the copyrighted images are owned by him. If you click on a thumbnail image, you will see a larger and more complete picture that opens in a separate window.

Starting with the water

From the motorcoach

Like the tree

Some calm water

A few waves

Against the rocks

Another direction

Flowers — I don’t know all the names, so just enjoy!

Start with red

End with red

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Historical Statues

Sacred Grounds

Native visitor

Neighboring Vessels

Sleek Boat

Lunch Time

Not “Princess”

Mystery Revealed

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Town of Papeete

Harbor View

The local brew

The sky!

From the port



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