What is the Best Party Entertainment to Hire?

What is the Best Party Entertainment to Hire?

Depending on the type of event or party you are hosting, there is a myriad of options for live entertainment. You might find it difficult to find live acts within your price range and that offers the specific type of entertainment you are looking for.

Fortunately, as with just about anything these days, there are apps for that. By cutting out the middleman like talent agents and managers, booking party entertainment is much more affordable, and apps can help you filter the talent down to pinpoint the right types of performers for your event.

Musicians are some of the most commonly hired entertainment for parties. Any event can benefit from a quartet, acoustic guitar, cello, or violin. Whether it be a wedding, conference dinner, or family reunion, live music can create the mood you are looking for. A variety of professional musicians can be hired: guitarists, singers or vocalists, and pianists. Imagine a beachside wedding with a harpist playing through the ceremony or lively bagpipes at your annual Scottish games.

If you are hosting an evening dinner party, professional ballroom dancers will be the highlight of your guests’ evening. If you are in charge of arranging your best friend’s bachelor party, you may want to look for burlesque dancers in Atlanta, GA. Search for Polynesian dancers for a luau, a drag queen for a girls’ night out, or a fire dancer, which is entertaining for all ages. Professional dancers are also great for conferences and other large events.

Children’s Entertainment
Children can appreciate a variety of entertainment options. Of course, balloon artists, clowns, and magicians are some of their favorite, and fairly inexpensive for parents. You should also consider a professional actress who can dress up as their favorite Disney princess or a singer who knows many of the popular kid tunes. Acrobatics and dancers are also a big hit for kids’ birthday parties. With the average cost for children’s party entertainment between $120 to $250 per hour, it’s not something that’s only for the wealthy.

Motivational speakers are always a hit at large business conferences. They are capable of entertaining big crowds with humor, sentimental stories, and motivating anecdotes. If your company is hosting a multiple-day event for its employees, consider having a motivational speaker at one of the morning breakout sessions. Your colleagues will come back to work on Monday full of determination, fresh ideas, and newfound energy.

When hosting an event, you may not always think to hire a comedian, but they are surprisingly versatile. A comedian is excellent entertainment for a birthday dinner, holiday party, or business conference. You can search for comedians that are age appropriate for younger audiences or that speak to a specific niche.

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