Copenhagen & Norway Photos

Here are photos of some of the places we’ll visit on our Copenhagen & Norway Tour


Ever-popular Nyhavn

Statue of H.C. Andersen

Actors at Tivoli Gardens

Typical Danish lunch

Scenic view in town

The Little Mermaid

Cruising the Canals

On the ferry to Oslo

Norway, Oslo

Ballet-Opera House, from hotel

City Hall, from the water

The Nobel Peace Center

Thor Heyerdahl’s Kon-Tiki

Viking Ship Museum

Flag from Polar Explorer FRAM

Norway — train from Oslo to Flåm

Not many Trick-or-Treaters here!

It’s June and there’s snow!

We switch trains here

Welcome to the Flamsbana Railway

Norway, Flåm

Sliver of sunlight in the mountains

Lookout view over the fjord

Water coming down the mountains

13th Century church

Stove to keep the preachers warm!

Norway, Bergen

Norway’s “Famous Son”

Old wooden warehouses along harbor

Narrow path between old buildings

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