Retreat Budget Help

Don’t Wait until it is Too Late!

Do you need help developing or enhancing your budgeting spreadsheet?

Not sure what to do with those Currency Conversion Factors? Need one more?

Did something get messed up in your calculations or in one of the formulas?

Are you aware that a single error in your data inputs can have a devastating effect on your Retreat pricing
. . . and ultimately YOUR PROFIT?

    Stuart Gustafson (the creator of the spreadsheet for this course) is offering the following special for Linda’s course participants:

  • He will spend at least 30 minutes WITH YOU on a telephone or Skype call
  • He will provide two editing sessions working on your spreadsheet, based on your phone conversation, to make it do what you want it to do
  • He can fix some mistakes that you might have inadvertently made
  • He can even add some line items for you; for example maybe you need more Flat Rate Activity items because you have a lot of them planned. Or you need an additional line for Leader or Assistant expenses, or maybe some Gifts for local helpers

This work by Stuart on your behalf could easily be worth Hundreds or even Thousands of Dollars to you . . . on your first Retreat and on future Retreats.

As a special offer to you, Stuart is offering this limited-time, first-come, first-served offer of only $75 U.S. Dollars.

As the designer of the Budgeting Spreadsheet, Stuart Gustafson holds a B.A. Degree in Mathematics and an MBA in Marketing and Finance. He has taught mathematics at the high school and the university levels, and he’s also taught Finance in undergraduate and graduate university courses.

Click the “Add to Cart” button below for the Special Offer — you don’t have to be a PayPal member to use this service;
you can use your credit card to earn points or miles.

Stuart will contact you via email to set up your telephone or Skype call after he’s received your payment and your worksheet (make sure you are using the latest version.

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