Three Strikes . . . Concept for a New Book

Three Strikes, but Not Out
True Stories of not Letting Tragedies be Life-Defining

BOOK SUMMARY: Stories are contributed by individuals who have endured tragedies in their lives. Rather than letting these tragedies become the definition of who they were, or who they could become, these individuals have managed to continue on and to thrive! The goal is for the book’s readers to draw inspiration from the stories and from the people themselves.

NOTE: This is a very new project; once it gains some legs, there will be more information, more contributors, etc. Thank you for your interest and your patience.

Lead author Stuart Gustafson talks about the three tragedies (the “Strikes”) he has endured (#1: the killing of his father and grandfather by a drunk driver when Stuart was 16; #2: the reason he left the U.S. Naval Academy eight months shy of graduation and commissioning; #3: the heartbreaking diagnosis of his wife with Alzheimer’s Disease). It’s not just the tragedies; he talks about what he’s done, and is doing today, to create a meaningful life rather than letting those three strikes define who he is or what his life is about.

Stories from other individuals who have suffered tragedies in their own definition will also provide inspiring tales of how they have “picked up the pieces” and continued on. For example, there is Marie, whose life was turned upside down through divorce and left on her own. Rather than having a “pity party,” Marie has gone on to develop a life style of world-wide travel and helping others through her generous outpouring of service and selflessness.

Your stories—the tragedies—don’t have to be “three strikes.” If you’ve had one tragedy or five, and you wish to tell your story to help others, I’d love to hear from you. This isn’t a contest of “who’s had the most?”

Contributing authors will be recognized in the book, and they will receive complimentary copies once published.

Recognizing that the book is still under development, changes—both minor and major—are highly likely. But to give you an idea of Stuart’s approach, please reference the following PDF files:
> Book Intro
> Stuart’s “Strike One”
> Stuart’s Rebound #1

CURRENT CONTRIBUTORS (as of December 15, 2020):
Stuart Gustafson
Marie Hernandez

If you have a story—one of tragedy or tragedies you’ve suffered and what you’ve done to overcome it/them—that you would like to have considered for inclusion in this book, please complete and Submit the following form.

    Please note that Stuart Gustafson, his agent, and potential publishers might not be able to accept all submitted stories.