remembering our parents . . . Stories and Sayings from Mom & Dad

BookCover-ROP-300dpi remembering our parents . . . Stories and Sayings from Mom & Dad — This gift book is a nice collection of over five dozen heart-warming stories from “people next door” to celebrities, war heroes, Olympic athletes, etc. One of my favorite stories is the two-page hand-written letter that I received from former Major League Baseball player Rubén Amaro, Sr. The following postscript was included with his story, an indication of what family and legacy mean to him. “Thank you for the privilege to once again remember Santos & Josefina” (his parents). Family legacy is so very important — one day you just might ask yourself, What will be my legacy?

My mom passed away in January 2012, at age 94. I had the concept of this book two months later, and it was published in October of that same year. She was always supportive of me (I was the youngest of three) and I think that is one piece of her legacy that I will always remember.

ISBN: 978-0-9771727-5-7
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