Questions to Bring You Closer to Dad

Questions-Dad-cover Questions to Bring You Closer to Dad — What would you want to know about your dad? This book helps you as it defines “Types of Dad and their Characteristics.” Why is that important? Because knowing what “type of Dad” he is guides you to appropriate ways to start conversations, ask questions, etc. What if your dad is no longer alive? The book shows you how you can still find out about him. With over 120 questions, this book is a great way to strengthen the bond whether it’s the child asking the questions or the dad filling them in for his children.


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I know I’m not the only one to lose their Dad at an early age — I’m fortunate because some never even knew their Dad! Don’t let your dad’s own childhood and favorite things become distant memories; preserve them today while you can! This book with strengthen your relationship and provide the answers to those questions you will regret if you don’t ask them. When I’ve asked people what they’d asked their dad, the most popular question was, “Are you proud of me?”

ISBN: 978-1-59869-282-2
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