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Parables for Life

. . . making sense of today’s busy world

Inspiring stories — parables of life, modern Aesop fables, parables for life — all in a convenient format that leverages the powerful messages that transcend time to benefit students, leaders, youth, teachers, professionals, and other groups and individuals. The stories are suitable for people of all ages, ethnicities, social strata, backgrounds, faiths and non-faiths alike.

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Each workshop session covers these four parable life lessons:

  1. Do not be afraid to accept success or to challenge idleness.
  2. Your body is like a battery; it too needs to be re-charged on a regular basis.
  3. A rose is a rose is a rose, but a pig will always be a pig.
  4. Don’t forget the basics. Roger did, and his parakeet died.
Parables for Life in the 21st Century

Parables for Life in the 21st Century

Parables have been used for centuries and centuries as a way of telling a story to get across a certain meaning or life lesson. Many people think that parables for life were an invention of Jesus of Nazareth. And while it’s true that his stories are amongst the most widely known parables in the Christian world, the parable, as a form of story telling, has been around for much longer than that. A popular, though undocumented, theory is that the word “parable” comes from a Greek word that has the meanings, “analogy, illustration, comparison.”

Æsop’s Fables are well known as stories that include animals and other fictitious elements to tell a story. Because of their inclusion of animals in the stories, these fables are not considered to be parables in the grammatical sense. Really? Who cares? If a story has a good basis and provides an analogy of living a good life, then does it really matter if it’s a parable, a fable, an allegory, or some other descriptive name? If you look at the Greek meaning for parable, there is no reference to persons, or the exclusion of animals, etc. So, can a fable also be a parable if it tells a good story and provides a good moral context? And can a parable include animals? That decision is left up to you!

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Stuart Gustafson is an author, speaker, and inspirer who uses modern stories to relay inspirational messages to individuals and groups, to youth and adults, to confident people and those at-risk, to individual contributors and managers, to teachers and group leaders, to people of faith and non-faithed. His stories and messages are rooted in the fundamental belief that everyone was born as an individual who should be allowed to achieve anything. By using modern stories to deliver a truth, the readers and the listeners are able to develop their own sense of application of the message in a way that makes personal sense. The modern secular stories also allow the tellers of the stories (managers, teachers, leaders, etc.) to convey the message in a safe and already prepared and proven manner.

Ideal for readers of all ages from pre-teens to adults; for parents, teachers, youth leaders, and business leaders.

Parables for Life in the 21st Century

Parables for Life in the 21st Century

Parables for Life in the 21st Century is a collection of two dozen modern Aesop-style stories. Each story is followed by its moral and then applications of that moral in today’s life. The style and format of this book was used as the foundation basis for a two-year innovative nation-wide Character Education program in Trinidad & Tobago.
A few of the story morals are

• Is it better to have it and not need it, or need it and not have it?
• Slow but steady wins the race.
• Life is NOT fair. Get over it, and get used to it.
• Your body is like a battery; it too needs to be re-charged on a regular basis.
• A rose is a rose is a rose, but a pig will always be a pig.

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Below is what some people have said:
  • “Seldom is a self-help (motivational) book both helpful and entertaining, but such is the case with Stuart Gustafson’s Parables for Life in the 21st Century.” (
  • “I was really impressed . . . I recommend you take his message to heart . . . He really inspired me . . . So definitely check out Stuart’s work; I highly recommend it.” (Bill Harrison, co-founder, Radio-TV Interview Report)
  • Parables For Life in the 21st Century by Stuart Gustafson is an excellent book with short stories, morals, and an explanation of the morals.” (Cassie)
  • “Stuart Gustafson has an exceptional way of presenting his work with a clear message. I strongly suggest you check out his programs and his books, and you will be very pleased.” (Dr. Anne Fox Clarkson, former State Superintendent of Public Instruction for Idaho)
  • “Are you looking for a great book? If you are, then I highly recommend Parables for Life in the 21st Century by Stuart Gustafson. This book contained a moral and an explanation for each story. It was full of exciting stories and information to help you handle the trials of your lives. I really liked the way Stuart Gustafson wrote his book.” (Reading Chair)

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